Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out of time, Full of life!

Sorry guys that I haven't posted anything for two or three weeks but I have just been so busy doing all my stuff! But now I am spending my weekend up 4 hours north from Murray Bridge in a town of Orroroo with my host parents and lots of old people at some uncle's 90's. → Reason why I have time. Haha, just kidding.

During last few weeks I've done heaps stuff! The first friday of september I went to play golf and I fell in love with it immediately! Now I have been playing golf three times and it is just so fun! I am not the best golf player you've ever seen but at least I like it and I have something to aim for! I'm playing it with one husband of a rotarian who has played golf for over 50 years.

There is annually organized 'Royal Adelaide Show' in Adelaide which is a big event for South Australia! It lasts for 8 days and there is just everything there can be! It's almost like an amusement park for 8 days (there were a great amount of amusement park rides which were SO AWESOME!) but there is also heaps of other things like riots, farm show and many organisations having a tent where they were advertising themselves, for example I was there with our venturer group helping in the Scounts SA tent. But when you are going to the Show you are not going there to save your money. Ticket to get inside the show area costs already 20 Australian dollars and everything at the show area costs. Some of the rides may cost over 50 bucks! But yeah, I spent there just too much money but we had heaps fun!

Also I've been to few friends' places. I've been many times to a French exchange student's place and she is sooooveryvery nice and fun but unfortunately she's leaving in two week time and it is so sad! But I just manage to be with her as much as possible before she leaves. I've been to other friends' places too but mostly at her place. Some people have had bonfires but they are quite small compared to Finland's midsummer bonfires! Haha.

Last monday I was at Adelaide with my counsellor and his wife. There is going on an event called OzAsia Festival where has lots of Asian cultural things come to Adelaide and there are smaller events for example we were at 'Moon Lantern Festival' where was heaps people gathered around to see some Asian performances at the stage and over 20 hand-made lanterns, some were dragons, some tigers and some were what they were and they were from all around Asia and they were very nice!

The rest of the time I've done my schoolstuff which is compulsory for me. Here in Australia at school is more individual assignments than in Finland. Or the homework we have is more like projects than homework. But my studying is quite casual here. I already selected my subjects for next year and I decided that I'll study Drama, Photography, Art and Biology. I don't know how you reckon but I think my later half of the year is going to be quite casual. Or at least I hope so, haha.

In Orroroo we were supposed to have a birthday party for 90-year-old uncle og my host dad but unfortunately he was terribly sick and he had to be in Adelaide hospital. But we had the party anyways without him so I saw how Aussies celebrate old people birthdays. Most of the guests were over 55 years old but there was no one who was anything as old as me, they were either younger or older. But I got known to the family elders.. Orroroo was a beautiful town! The poulation is something about 600 people and the town was just so old fashioned by it's looks and all!
And also when we went there we saw the landscape of South Australia and I just have to say that I am deeply in love with it! It is so wide and different to Finland's landscapes!

I am very glad if you read this post and you enjoyed it! 
I'm sorry about the lack of photos but it takes so much time to load them here.. I'll put sometime :)
I miss you all but I'm just not saying it out loud...... I'm the tough guy. Haha!
Take care of yourselves! That's what I'm doing to myself :)