Wednesday, August 17, 2011

!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

Last friday we had drama (school subject) and the teacher told us that some of us might have an opportunity to go for a working experience to Sydney to Shakespeare company to learn about working in a teathre!! And on the last days I've realised how much I really like acting and all drama stuff! This opportunity would be just so amazing! The only sad thing is that we have to write a letter where we tell why I would be good for the work experiencea and I don't have any bigger experiences of acting or theatre work. But still I'll try to apply for it! It'd be a whole week in october. I am so excited about it!!

I also have second thing what makes me excited!! On monday we had school house meetings (Yeah, we have houses like in Harry Potter!!!) and we were wondering who would be our house captains and I nominated myself!! In two weeks I have to keep a speech why would I be a good house captain but I believe that I'm going to be the captain anyways because I'm an exchange student, everyone knows me and I believe that I'll get the votes of the students who just seriously doesn't care at all. And it'd be so great experience!!

Also!! Last sunday I talked first time Finnish in three weeks! I was on a boat cruise to see some dolphins and there was a group of international university students and I decided to ask one of them who they were and actually the person right behind me was Finnish and it was just so strange to speak Finnish when everyone around us was talkinjg English!! But that was awesome! And I saw some dolphins too.

(I wrote this on my photography lesson.. it tells how much I enjoy playing with photoshop... that's all we do here..)

Seeya!! :))))

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Pidän peukkua sinulle, etta paaset teatteriin harjoittelemaan!
Hyvaa jatkoa! T. Raija Paimion Korpitielta