Monday, August 29, 2011

One month been here and feeling like the king of the school!

In my last post I told you that I nominated myself to be a house captain at our school and guess what, NOW I AM!! We had our house meeting today and we had to keep speeches. I had my speech rehearsaled with my friend Elyse and we included German and Finnish also in it and our house just loved it! So now I am the house captain with Elyse and this is just going to be so great!!

I reckon drama is my favourite subject at school and now we begin rehearsing the play 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe' and I got the part for the faun Mr. Tumnus which I really wanted and also the part for Father Christmas! I am very eager for the play and I also have the opportunity to make the costume for Mr. Tumnus!

Two weekends ago I had my first party in Australia! It was a birthday party for one of my schoolmates and we had heaps of fun! There was a bonfire and a lot of music! There was also food and drink. I drank only soft drinks, don't worry. There was in the party this one guy, Owen, who was so enthusiastic about Finland and it was so funny! He liked the dudesons, he listened children of bodom and he said that Finnish girls are beautiful!

This weekend I went to Adelaide for the whole weekend to stay with my counsellor. On saturday I had a briefing day with all the other rotary exchange students from our district and we had just heaps of fun! The group was just so great! I can't wait for the other events I'm going to spend with that group! This time we went to Warrawong wildlife sanctuary and that was my second visit there. There we saw heaps of kangaroos and we had the chanse to walk with them and touch them and it is just so extraordinary!

I'm having so much fun here!! I think I don't want to ever leave this country!



Jaakko Lahdenkauppi said...

TEPPOOOO bro!! The things you write sound just amazing, I recon you're havin' a tad fun there in the wild wild west! You have to talk to me, I want to know more about this school thing :D And hey sorry mate but we promised to go back to Fin, we have our studying plans done x) AND WE HAVEN'T MADE THAT BLOG YET! I'D HAVE MY LIST STARTED :DDD Luckily this is too inside for everyone, sorry blokes <3

Anonymous said...

Teppo uskallatki ees sanoo ettet muka haluis ikinä tulla pois :( koht jäät sinne ainiaaks enkä ikinä nää sua :( t.Erika

rami said...

mr. Teppo rolls like a baus iha härkänä :DDD

Susanna said...

Pakko sanoo, että TYYLIKÄS BLOGI, like it very much! ;) t. uusi lukijasi